Priority Volunteer Positions within SVPP

Please check back to this page as we will be adding new opportunities and making updates on a regular basis.

Revised as of 6.2020

Animal Operations

Foster Parent (Dogs, Puppies, Cats, Kittens)

Do you love pets but can’t commit to one long term? Become a foster parent. You provide the love, we provide all of the support you need!

Responsibilities: Providing foster care is a rewarding experience as you provide a temporary home where an adoptable pet will be cherished and loved until a great forever home is found. Read more about this compassionate role that allows us to save lives! 

Requirements: To be a successful foster parent, you will need a compassionate nature, flexibility, willingness to follow instructions and interest and/or knowledge of animal behavior. Frequent email updates are required, and responsiveness to our team is critical to the success of our foster program. Reliable computer, internet service, and transportation is required.

*This is a virtual opportunity

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Foster Coordinator/Buddy 

Responsibilities: First point of contact with the foster parent. Will deliver the animal to the foster family, provide initial supplies and equipment and reiterate instructions from orientation regarding marketing needs, etc. Must respond to foster parent’s questions via email or phone in a timely manner. You will work closely with other members of the foster team to assist the foster parent in all aspects of getting the animal ready for adoption. Build a strong and supportive relationship with foster parents to ensure open communication and encourage them to consider fostering on a regular basis. May be involved in meet & greet with potential adopters. Does initial post-adoption follow up (after 3 days).

Requirements: Must have previous fostering experience. Customer service, organizational skills and have strong social and communication skills.

Time Commitment: 8-10 hours per week

Multiple openings

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Vet Services Coordinator

Responsibilities: Facilitate vet appointments for SVPP foster parents by providing medical records and requests for services prior to appointment. Follow up with vet clinics for completed medical records, and coordinate with team members on documenting medical records in SVPP database.  

Requirements:Volunteer must have access to email and phone and be able to respond during working hours. Requires knowledge of common canine and feline health issues helpful, but not required. Customer services skills and attention to detail is required.

Time Commitment: 10-20 hrs/month

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 Events Team

Program Support Coordinator

Responsibilities: As we continue to broaden our virtual resources and offerings, we are looking for additional program support to assist in the planning and promotion of these new offerings. Duties would include but not be limited to reaching out to vendors, scheduling class (including setting up registration), coordinating promotion through social media channels and SVPP websites

Time Commitment: Very flexible, depending on event/s.

*This is a virtual opportunity

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