Our Kittens Need You!

The kittens are here! 

With Covid-19 and the shelter closed, Kitten Season 2020 was a little delayed, but now it is in full force! 

How is Covid-19 affecting rescue efforts for kittens?

Initially, Covid-19 shelter in place restrictions stemmed the flow of orphan kittens into the shelter, however now there is an influx of kittens and mommas arriving at the shelter. We are grateful to our growing network of foster parents who have stepped up to help foster kittens during these extraordinary times. 

SVPP is playing a key role in this rescue effort

Since 2015 SVPP has been a rescue partner with the San Jose Animal Care Center. In 2020, we will continue this partnership to support our collective goal to save as many kittens as possible.  With the support of the community and working closely with the San Jose shelter and their other rescue partners, we are confident that our life-saving efforts will be successful!

And, we need your support!

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Kitten Cam

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