Our Kittens Need You!

The kittens are here! 

It's spring, and orphan kittens are flooding our local animal shelters!   Since 2015 SVPP has been a rescue partner with the  San Jose Animal Care Center , and in 2020 also became a rescue partner with  TriCity Animal Shelter  in Fremont. With the support of our compassionate community, we have already started to rescue many kittens from both area shelters and are committed to rescuing these vulnerable felines and educating the public about kitten season. 

What should you do if you find an orphan kitten?

And, we need your support!

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SVPP Kitten Cam on Facebook

Our Kitten Cam on Facebook Live last year was a huge success! Tune in again this year to get your kitten fix! Who doesn't need a little kitten time these days? Fridays at 5:00pm Pacific!